E-Waste Recycling
Recycling Services.
Don't dump it, Recycle it.
E-waste is electronic and electrical waste which consists of discarded, redundant and obsolete electronic equipment, appliances such as personal computers, server's peripherals equipment i. e monitors, keyboards, printers, scanners, televisions, hi-fi systems, stoves, mobile telephones and other electronic devices.

The above contains valuable materials including precious materials such as gold, copper, also some toxic substances such as lead and mercury which could be harmful to our health & the environment if disposed of wrongly.

We recycle in an environmental friendly manner and we are accredited to the E-WASTE Association of Southern Africa (EWASA). Upon request we will issue a EWASA certificate and a letter of destruction. All collected e-waste is not dumped on landfill sites and will be properly selected and equipment that can be given a second lease of life is refurbished. Nothing is sold or used before storage devices, stickers, labeling and other customized security features are removed. All equipment that can't be given a second lease on life is taken into the breaking area where it is dismantled to the last component and recycled accordingly.

All data is erased and formatted through HDD low level format, zero format and we make sure all information is destroyed and erased for the purpose of refurbishment. All non working devices are crushed and we make sure all information is destroyed and during the destruction or refurbishment process. It's the policy of our company to make sure that the IT staff keeps all the client information confidential.

Items We Collect - Working / None Working:
Electrical items:
- Stoves
- Fridge's
- Washing machines
- Air conditioners
- Vacuum cleaners
- PVC cabling
- Irons
- Kettles
- Lawn mowers
- Drill machines & grinders
- Transformers
- Electric motors
Other Collections:
- X- Ray Film
- Litho Film
- Office Paper (Archives)
- Scrap Steel
- Non Ferrous Metals   
- Stolen Goods
- Ferrous Metals
- Contaminated Medical Equipment
- Laboratory Equipment Containing
  Radio Active Isotopes
C.S.R. offers a destruction and disposal service after which a Certificate of Safe Disposal is issued.
Electronic Items:
- Monitors (CRT & LCD)
- Laptops
- Computers (CPU's)
- Servers
- Scanners
- PC Boards
- UPS & UPS Batteries
- Keyboards & Mouse's
- Cameras
- Cell phones
- PVC Cabling
- & Many More!
CSR - Computer Scrap Recycling
Tel: 011 740 4330 or 082 555 4513